CNC Machining Houston

All of your custom metal designs can be created at Texas Metal Tech’s CNC machining shop in Houston, TX. We have precision metal parts created by over 20 CNC lathes and mills, and half of these machines are dedicated to machine exotic metals and plastics!

Texas Metal Tech’s CNC machining is regulated for safety and quality control, with the capacity to turn up to 32.” We feel that CNC machining needs to be done with the utmost precision and care, taking in all safety quality measures to ensure that your project is done 100% safely, and up to your standards.

Our dock to stock capability means that Texas Metal Tech will take your blueprint, and custom machine that creation with scanning equipment and CNC machining, in order to maximize turnaround time for your project.

Take a look at some of our latest projects!

Custom Computer Cases

We fabricated, welded and shipped metal computer motor cases in our one-stop shop. Texas Metal Tech makes everything on site, meaning we don’t ever have to wait on other manufacturers to ship items that we need, and that means you never have to wait on us to receive your custom order.

Since we make all computer cases in house, we can customize any creation based on your drawing or sketch. Because manufacturing computer cases never come in the same shape or size, we can match our fabrication to your needs. Nothing ever has to get shipped out to be made somewhere else because at TMT, we do it all!

Downhole Tools

Recently Texas Metal Tech has manufactured downhole tools as well. We’ve come to make great partnerships within the oil and gas industries, including . Texas Metal Tech understands that millions of dollars are on the line when it comes to oil drilling with down hole tools, that’s why when we fabricate any metal product we ensure that it is done with the highest standard.

Texas Metal Tech follows a quality assurance policy, meaning that all metal fabrication products are delivered on time at a competitive price, and will comply with all regulatory criteria, client-specified requirements and standards of performance. It also ensures that we produce reliable, quality products.

Custom Metal Fabrication Our Way

We pride ourselves in taking a client’s drawing or sketch, and creating an end result that matches a client’s request in an efficient and affordable manner. Our work highlights the fact that the finishers, welders and installers at TMT are among the best in the business.

To learn more about the custom metal fabrication services we provide call (281) 893-0411!