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    Welding Services at Texas Metal Tech

    Welding is an integral part of the metal fabrication process.  At Texas Metal Tech, we have experience welding for various architectural metal projects including handrails, staircases, gates, fences, and various other commercial and residential projects.  We also have experience welding for the oil field industry. Our areas of expertise include MIG welding, TIG welding, and mobile welding.

    Welding at Texas Metal Tech


    MIG and TIG Welding Services

    At Texas Metal Tech, we provide MIG and TIG welding. MIG welding done by the expert welders at Texas Metal Tech can provide quality adhesion, while following certain time constraints for our clients. TIG welding is a complex, high-quality type of welding that provides a stronger weld to suit your project’s needs.  This technique is often considered more difficult and somewhat more time-intensive, yet yields cleaner, more stable results.  TIG welding is one of our specialties.  We take great pride in our abilities and are eager to work on your next welding project.

    One of our welders working in our shop. We also do onsite welding.

    Onsite Welding Services in Texas

    Texas Metal Tech has an outstanding reputation for mobile welding.  We are not limited to welding in our shop and can arrive on your site with an experienced portable welding crew that will effectively get the job done while practicing full safety precautions. While many companies are limited to their workshop, the mobile welding services provided by Texas Metal Tech can expedite your project and save you time and money.

    At Texas Metal Tech, we have successfully completed large projects for many of our customers. We ensure that the entire process runs smoothly from beginning to end. We start planning from the initial stages in order to eliminate roadblocks and we know firsthand that our clients put their trust in our company for their projects. We strive to collaborate and take every precaution to earn their trust and their future business and referrals.

    Put your welding project in Texas Metal Tech’s hands

    Welding is a part of fabrication and we take every job seriously in our business. Few metal fabrication shops in Texas can prove their credentials in this industry, but we sign off on every custom metal project we create and we don’t turn it over to our clients unless our seal of approval is on it. When you need a proven company to handle your welding and metal fabrication needs, trust in a company that can show you the work they create. You can see the skills of Texas Metal Tech’s welders by viewing our Project Gallery.

    Welding, fabrication, and polishing are all services that take skill and experience to handle properly. Don’t make the expensive mistake of sending your project to a shop that claims to do all of these services but can’t verify their credentials. At Texas Metal Tech, we welcome you to bring us your project. We use the most high-tech machinery in the industry. Our clients continually come back to us due to our skills in every aspect of our craft.

    Contact us at 281-893-0411 to discuss your welding needs and project plans, as well as any other services we provide.