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Metal Projects View the latest Texas Metal Tech (TMT) projects photo gallery to better scope the talent and ability we bring to each engagement with our clients.
At Texas Metal Tech, we fabricate and install custom metal handrails for many clients in the Houston area and beyond. We make handrails for commercial applications including office complexes, firms, schools,and banks.
Texas Metal Tech (TMT) provides full capability to polish stainless, aluminum, brass, bronze and nickel silver. This includes working with rounds, angles and flat bar up to 20 feet in length. Polished finishes can range from #4 brushed to a #8 high polish. TMT can accommodate both small and large projects.
CNC Machine Texas Metal Tech (TMT) has provided certified machining services to a variety of industries, including aerospace, electronics and the energy industry for over 40 years.
Texas Metal Tech provides precision water jet cutting with quality and customer service in mind. Your repetitive parts will be stored in our computerized database for easy retrieval. We don’t just cut material; we cut your costs in many applications. Your machining costs can be eliminated just by utilizing water jet technology from Texas Metal Tech.
At Texas Metal Tech, we have four decades of experience welding for various architectural metal projects including handrails, staircases, gates, fences, and various other commercial projects. We also have experience welding for the oil field industry. Our areas of expertise include MIG welding, TIG welding, and onsite welding.