Our Capabilities Are Only Growing

Texas Metal Tech is proud to announce that we’re expanding our machine line to provide our customers with even better service.

We’ve added a DMC DL 40L, high efficiency lathe to our machine line-up. What exactly does this mean for customers? It means we can offer more quality products and even better precision.

What are the new machine’s capabilities?

dmc lathe dl 40l

Here’s what our new DMC DL 40L CNC lathe looks like.

We can now turn parts up to 29″ in diameter and as long as 49″ in length. The new machine specializes in minimizing vibration during high speeds and is built for heavy duty turning.

Slant bed- Strongly stabilized design that improves the performance of high speed heavy duty cutting with 6-face arresting box way sliding structure to prevent material or cutting distortion

Pre-tensionsed, heat-treated ballscrews- to eliminate backlash and vibration

Heat-treated and precision grounded box way slide- for high accuracy

High rigidity headstock with heat radiating fan- supported by high precision bearings to maximize best spindle performance, minimize distortions, and prevent inaccuracies due to temperature increase

Live tool C-axis and Y-axis capability along with simultaneous feed control- to simplify complex machining with accuracy, reduce set-up and increase productivity, which minimize costs.

In addition here’s more info on the new machine:

  • Spindle (Speed): 2,000 RPM
  • Turret: Servo/10-Station

Interested in learning how our new machine can make your custom project even better? Call (281) 893-0411 today to get started.