The Four Essential Elements of A Metal Fabrication Project

There are four main components of every fabrication project, no matter how large or small, that make it a successful one.

A good machining or fabrication company should use these as a guide to determine the process your custom metal product will go through. At Texas Metal Tech, here’s the four building blocks we use to ensure a quality product every time.

#1 Sound Design and Materials

Determining the design of your metal product is the first step in the production process. We’ll be able to give you a scope of work based the design of your metal product so you’ll know what to expect.

While you may have an idea of what materials you would like to use, Texas Metal Tech can provide guidance on the best materials to use to optimize your metal fabrication project for durability and performance. We can fabricate a wide variety of metals, exotic metals and plastics – just ask!

#2 Proper Management

Any project is only as good as the person managing it. You’ll need a dedicated manager who keeps your fabrication project on-time and on-budget.

At Texas Metal Tech, every project is paired with an operations manager who will take your project from design to delivery while making sure our final product meets your specifications.

#3 Superior Fabrication and Finishing

Taking those specifications and creating the final product involves experienced fabricators, specialized machinery and the most updated technology.

We can sheer, punch, bend, weld, and more – all to fit the capabilities necessary to complete your custom metal fabrication project. And the best part is, we do it all! Our services include CNC machining, metal polishing, MIG and TIG welding, and architectural metal construction.

#4 Quality Assurance

The last element of a metal fabrication project is making sure that the final product meets your standards.

All Texas Metal Tech employees are under a strict quality assurance policy. That means our products are competitively priced, and will be delivered on schedule. In addition, we ensure that your project complies with any requirements, regulatory criteria, standards of performance, and reliability and testing.

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