How To Choose A CNC Machine Shop

With plenty of options available for choosing a machine shop in the Houston area, we thought we’d create an easy checklist for you to use when looking for a shop that matches your needs and criteria. Here are the main things you should be looking for.

Experience and History- Look for a shop that has its doors open for at least 5 years with knowledgeable personnel. Ask who will be your project and determine how long they’ve been in the industry. A great machine shop with experienced staff will be able to better find solutions for your project so it’s completed on time and within budget.

Reputation and Reviews- Ask for referrals or a client list, including pictures of the completed or installed work. You’ll want to be able to see if a machine shop is capable of machining and fabricating projects similar to yours. Also, by contacting different references you can get an idea of how the shop treats their clients. No matter how much a machine shop tells you they’re capable of doing X,Y, and Z, sometimes it’s better to hear and see the proof. A good machine shop will be able to show you a wide variety of projects that they have been a part of.

Technology- Newest isn’t necessarily the best, especially when there’s a variety of projects to complete. A solid mixture of machines, both new and old, used for a variety of services is what separates one machine shop from the other. Any shop that provides a variety of services and capabilities should also offer a variety of machines to match those services. Ask questions about the machines that will be used on your project and how they function. Having the right machine to do the right job will save you time and money.

Communication and Customer Service- Take note from your first initial point of contact how easy or difficult the process of moving your project forward is. Is your project manager knowledgeable about your account? Does it seem like the machine shop is open to discussing how to best address the needs of your project? The shop you choose to use should be willing to collaborate with you and look at your business as a valuable partnership, not just a job.

Wanting to talk to a reputable machine shop with the industry experience needed for your project? Call Texas Metal Tech today at (281) 893-0411. We can answer all these questions and more!