Stainless Steel Door Frames

stainless steel door frame, anadarko houston On a project on the Anadarko expansion in the Woodlands, Texas Metal Tech provided stainless steel door frames and casings for the new 31-story Hackett Tower. Construction began in February 2012, and is slated for completion in early 2014.

TMT’s Recent Work With Anadarko

For the new tower, Texas Metal Tech fabricated stainless steel door frames in their Houston, TX machine shop using premium CNC machines. These door frames will be used in entry openings as well as elevator door frames throughout the entire multi-level building.

TMT also fabricated and installed multiple elements throughout the building. Elevator lobbies on every floor include stainless steel base and floor trim.

Elsewhere in the building, Texas Metal Tech installed stainless steel trims encasing a tile wall feature. This installation will be featured in the dining area/cafe within the building. Multiple columns throughout the 550,000 sq. ft. building will be covered with stainless steel casings, as well as stainless steel handrails along all entry ramps and steps.

Aluminum exterior column covers within Hackett Tower’s parking garage have also been installed on the year-long project.

Texas Metal Tech gets the amazing opportunity to become part of one of the tallest buildings between Houston and Dallas on I-45, that draws inspiration from its sister building, the Allison Tower while bringing in modern design and amenities including energy-efficient technology.

The construction will be completed in two phases, with the initial low-rise structure to be completed in December of 2013, and the high-rise structure completed around February 2014.