Stainless Steel: Perfect For Door Frames and Handrails

What’s the big deal with stainless steel? First used for gun barrels and ships, it has now gained its way into millions of kitchens in the shape of modern appliances. Texas Metal Tech prefers to use this metal in door frames and handrails. But what exactly makes this metal so perfect for both of these purposes?

The Benefits of Stainless Steel

stainless steel door frame

A stainless steel door frame Texas Metal Tech fabricated for one of our clients.

Stainless steel is a chosen metal for not only aesthetic and hygienic purposes, but also for structural characteristics.

  • Readily available– Your wait time will be shorter when you choose a stainless steel project, just based on availability. Stainless steel can be found in abundance, meaning you’re not putting your project on hold just to wait on material delivery.
  • Strength– Stainless steel is a chosen structural metal because of its strength, reaching 860 Megapascals. Its high strength to weight ratio means you don’t have to purchase pieces with large thicknesses in order to get the strength you need, thereby reducing costs.
  • Resistant to Corrosion– Because of an invisible chromium oxide film on the surface of the material, stainless steel blocks oxygen diffusion from reaching the surface as well as the metal’s inner structure and therefore presents rusting. That means it is a great metal to use in humidity-ridden areas, and decreasing replacement costs.
  • Temperature Immunity– This metal can withstand extreme temperatures with some being able to maintain structural elements in temperatures as high as 1800°F. This makes for great usage in places where extreme conditions are expected!
  • Easy to customize– Stainless steel has easy machinability, meaning it can be manipulated, cut, welded, formed, etc. according to your specifications using hot-forming or cold-forming techniques depending on what your project will need.

Should I Use Stainless Steel For My Handrails or Door Frames?

stainless steel handrails

A recent project we completed that included stainless steel handrails.

We say, absolutely! Its strong structural components and easy fabrication make it perfect for customized door frames and handrails, and hey, its lustrous shine looks great too! Also if you’re looking for greener options during construction, you should know that stainless steel is 100% recyclable.

If you get a quote for a stainless steel project, it may seem a lot more expensive than a comparative metal, however you have to keep in mind that stainless steel will keep your costs low when you think of long-term maintenance and durability.

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