Why CNC Prototype Machining Is Your Best Option

The best way to confirm that your design will meet all necessary criteria is through a prototype and at Texas Metal Tech we highly recommend creating your prototype as close to the real end product as possible through CNC machining.

With CNC machining you’ll be able to easily take your prototype into production as seamlessly as possible. Here are some other advantages to using CNC machining for your prototyping needs.

Machining Accuracy and Complex Applications

There may be intricate details in your custom part that can’t be achieved with 3D printing or alternative machining. We can create custom parts and prototypes with high accuracy, no matter how complex the design may be.

With our 4th-axis vertical machine centers, Texas Metal Tech can help provide solutions to technical or feature challenges during the prototype stage so you can know what to expect during production.

Repeatability and Versatility

CNC machining for prototypes maximize repeatability, making your prototype that much closer to full production processes once the design has been approved. You have the freedom to easily update your designs without expensive down time, and change materials for different effects.


And because you can change materials, you aren’t limited to the few simulated options used by alternative prototyping methods. With CNC machining, you can make your prototypes using the actual materials needed for production and create a more accurate prototype to base testing on.

Production Finishes

At Texas Metal Tech, we can create prototypes that so closely mimic the end product with metal fabrication and assembly, and quality custom polish finishes.

Cutting Costs

Working with CNC machines to complete your prototyping project, you’re getting to work with actual materials, actual production processes and in turn you’re knowledgeable about challenges that could happen during full production. You can reduce costs by working with our machinists on the best way to meet your design specs without going outside of your budget.

Although 3D printed prototypes might be logical in some situations, they won’t compare to a custom-made CNC machined part in quality and functionality. Call us today about your prototyping needs at (281) 893-0411.