Custom Steel Brackets: From Inception to Creation

We wanted to take a minute to highlight a recent project we completed. At Texas Metal Tech, we definitely tell our customers that if they can dream it, we can make it. Well now we can actually take you behind the scenes on this project in hopes that you can imagine how easily your idea or sketch could turn into a finished product with our help.

Initial Sketches

We met our new customer from Drake Controls, LLC through routine sales calls. He informed us of the company’s need to create custom metal brackets they could use for measuring the RPMs of motors. After discussing the project scope further, he sent over the initial sketches of the bracket that he needed Texas Metal Tech to create.

sketches of custom metal brackets custom metal bracket sketches

Based on these sketches and the input from the customers we were able to determine that we were perfect for the job. The complexity of the piece, the curvature and welding, would require precision machining.

The CAD to CAM Process

After we reviewed the sketches, we decided to create a 3D mock-up of what the finished piece will look like using computer-aided design (CAD) software like AutoCAD. This is part of our CAD to CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) system.

A CNC machine functions by a computer program-generated machining language called a G-code that is specific to every project. With this code, a CNC machine can control all aspects of fabricating the piece, including positioning and speed.

From the 3D image, a G-code was generated by CAM software in order to “tell” our CNC machine how to fabricate this piece out of steel.

3d sketch of metal mount
3d sketch of metal bracket

The Finished Product- Steel Brackets

Because CNC machining provides precision fabrication with minimized production time, we were able to complete this project in only 6 weeks from our initial call with Drake Controls to finished product. And because CNC machining, with the proper fabrication company, can reduce the amount of waste materials by using computer-controlled project dimensions and material measurement, we saved Drake Controls from having to spend more money by purchasing extra materials.

custom fabricated metal bracket custom machined bracket

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