New Year, New Machine

Texas Metal Tech has recently acquired a new vertical machining center, meaning we can maximize our milling capabilities without maximizing floor space.

Our new machine is the DMC DM 52VL but all you need to know about is that it is one of the ways that we are making Texas Metal Tech provide more for our clients.

Expanding Capabilities

This compact machine delivers high-precision and heavy duty cutting abilities even under the roughest conditions. Overall the machine provides superior reliability in cutting accuracy, with a wide table that can easily accommodate large pieces. The linear motion guide can work with greater speeds with higher accuracy.

Column- This machine features a wide column with high rigidity to account for heavy duty machining. Column width is 1,060 mm, with a spindle height of 1,080 mm.

vertical machining center, dmc 52vl

Here’s a picture of the newest addition to our expanding line of machines.

Linear Motion Guide, Table, Bed, and Saddle- Super rigidity bed with a low center of gravity provides high precision and productivity even at high speeds. The bed is sturdy: made of one-piece cast iron, with a wide linear guide way and saddle to prevent table overhang.

Wide Working Range- The DM 52VL has the largest stroke in its class meaning it has a wide work area that can handle various sizes of pieces easily.

Belt-Type Spindle- This vertical machining center has a high-speed spindle with an output of 8,000 rpm with long-term stability and machining accuracy, and includes a large output spindle motor for heavy duty cutting projects at both high torque and low speeds.

Spiral Chip- The left/right facing spiral coil chip conveyor makes for easy chip disposal, as well as the chip pan at the front of the machine. Chips are cleared from the splash guard with the help of flushing coolant- all minimizing work time and costs.

Automatic Tool Changer- This feature reduces the amount of non-cutting time with random tool changing capabilities. It automatically changes tools in 1.3 seconds! This ability increase efficiency and reduces work time.

Double Anchored Design- Positioning and contour-controlling have an increased accuracy in the DM 52VL. This machine prevents ball screw thermal expansion and backlash with a double anchored, pre-tension ball-screw design so your project won’t get derailed with inaccuracies.

Want to see if this machine can be a part of your custom project? Get started today by calling Texas Metal Tech at (281) 893-0411!