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    Architectural Metals and Construction

    Our company custom fabricates and installs custom architectural metal projects for the commercial construction industry and for residential construction. Our work can be seen throughout the downtown and greater Houston area. Our clients vary from industrial companies, general contractors, homeowners, architects and designers.

    Texas Metal Tech (TMT) is an architectural metal subcontractor and custom metal fabrication company providing high-quality execution of client’s designs.

    At TMT, we strive to streamline our customer’s projects by utilizing state of the art machinery to produce precision metal and exotic metal projects, while also providing the construction means to put the pieces together for a completely customized experience.

    How We’re Different at TMT

    architectural metals and glass

    Architectural exterior metal structures and glass paneling for the Evelyn Meador Branch Library done by TMT.

    At TMT we also specialize in metal construction for high-end residential projects like glass and metal framework, as well as:
    • luxury handrails,
    • wall panels,
    • glass staircases,
    • customized planter boxes, and
    • counters.

    We also fabricate exterior features like canopies and balconies.

    Texas Metal Tech is one of the few companies in Houston and surrounding areas that has the equipment necessary to work with all types of metals.

    Texas Metal Tech’s Focus: Quality Customer Service

    The custom metal creations we make at TMT are completely at our client’s direction, meaning we make each piece to fit our clients’ needs and likes to ensure we are delivering the best service possible and keeping our customers happy. The project managers and drafters at Texas Metal Tech can look at an initial drawing and, using our top-of-the-line machining equipment, can create any custom part for large or small companies. We can create many luxury metal architectural building and ornamental structures from customer plans and sketches.
    Our specialized team is centered around the customer’s needs, ensuring quality control at every level of the construction process, while many others choose to outsource their work. The modest, yet effective team behind our clients’ projects includes project managers, installation managers and field supervisors dedicated to safety and efficiency.
    At TMT we strive for excellence in all of our work that includes employing finishers, welders and installers that are among the best in the business.

    The machinists, fabricators and installers at TMT can work with various types of plastics and metals to suit a client’s needs, providing precision parts necessary for completing complicated projects. We can provide recommendations to the largest contractors in the area upon request.

    Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide. We will be happy to speak with you and discuss your project plans and needs.  Call us at 281-893-0411 to learn why our clients depend on Texas Metal Tech for all their custom metal projects, large or small.