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    How To Take Charge of Your CNC Machining Project

    CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are highly sophisticated tools. They have revolutionized efficiency and precision in manufacturing, especially when it comes to metal work. By using CNC software, it enables complete control of lathes, mills, and other tools to customize metal. However, … Continue reading

    How CNC Machining For Woodworking Is Different

    While we may have told you just how wide our capabilities are when it comes material usage with CNC machining, some will be surprised to know that it doesn’t stop at just metals and plastics. One of the biggest surprises … Continue reading

    What is Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)?

    This type of machining process, sometimes referred to as spark machining, die sinking or burning, is when an electrical discharge is used to shape materials. In some ways it can be a very versatile and accurate way to prototype and … Continue reading

    CNC Machining vs 3D Printing

    You’ve probably heard of the 3D printed car or the 3D printed gun in the news lately and while there has been plenty of talk surrounding the capabilities of 3D printing around the world, manufacturing is still dominated by CNC machining production processes. … Continue reading

    Plastic Machining

    At Texas Metal Tech, we’re dedicated to providing machining services for not only metal materials but plastic materials as well. It’s part of being a one-stop-shop for a variety of companies around Houston. Here’s some information about our plastic machining services. … Continue reading

    Why CNC Prototype Machining Is Your Best Option

    The best way to confirm that your design will meet all necessary criteria is through a prototype and at Texas Metal Tech we highly recommend creating your prototype as close to the real end product as possible through CNC machining. … Continue reading

    Vertical vs. Horizontal Milling Machines

    Milling machines are built to complete specific tasks, including drilling, routing, boring, and shaping complex metal surfaces. Vertical mills and horizontal mills are given their names from the direction which their spindle, or cutting head, is positioned. Knowing the differences between … Continue reading

    The Four Essential Elements of A Metal Fabrication Project

    There are four main components of every fabrication project, no matter how large or small, that make it a successful one. A good machining or fabrication company should use these as a guide to determine the process your custom metal product will go … Continue reading

    How CNC Machining Saves You Money

    While you’re searching for the next company to take on your machining project, you’re looking for ways to save money. Whether it’s a small project like a part replacement or custom handrails for a large apartment complex, minimizing costs on your job … Continue reading

    Handrails 101: Your Project Questions Answered

    Whether its handrails for stairs, ramps, balconies, or platforms, Texas Metal Tech can fabricate and install it all. Here we answer some common questions about our handrail fabrication and installation.     What are your capabilities when it comes to fabricating handrails? We … Continue reading

    How To Choose A CNC Machine Shop

    With plenty of options available for choosing a machine shop in the Houston area, we thought we’d create an easy checklist for you to use when looking for a shop that matches your needs and criteria. Here are the main things … Continue reading

    New Year, New Machine

    Texas Metal Tech has recently acquired a new vertical machining center, meaning we can maximize our milling capabilities without maximizing floor space. Our new machine is the DMC DM 52VL but all you need to know about is that it is one … Continue reading

    CNC Machined Parts

    Here at Texas Metal Tech, we’re not only interested in providing customers with large metal fabrication and installation projects but also in helping create low- to mid-volume quantities of custom machined parts with minimal turnaround time. Our Credentials and Capabilities … Continue reading

    What Our Growing Business Means For Future Customers

    Texas Metal Tech is pleased to announce a few new partnerships we’ve obtained over the last few months, and some exciting news for our very own company. FMC Technologies, Inc.- The new campus, that includes more than a million square feet, … Continue reading

    Our Capabilities Are Only Growing

    Texas Metal Tech is proud to announce that we’re expanding our machine line to provide our customers with even better service. We’ve added a DMC DL 40L, high efficiency lathe to our machine line-up. What exactly does this mean for … Continue reading

    3 Ways We Protect Your Job Site and Save You Money

    Here at Texas Metal Tech, we’re always looking for different ways to make sure that we’re providing the best for our clients, and that includes keeping each and every job site free from any complications which can cost time and money. … Continue reading

    Custom Steel Brackets: From Inception to Creation

    We wanted to take a minute to highlight a recent project we completed. At Texas Metal Tech, we definitely tell our customers that if they can dream it, we can make it. Well now we can actually take you behind … Continue reading

    Check Out Our Ornamental Metal Work!

    Need that final decorative touch to complete your new construction project? Texas Metal Tech offers metal production on any decorative piece you want! All we need is your vision, and we can make it a reality. Here’s just a few … Continue reading

    Stainless Steel: Perfect For Door Frames and Handrails

    What’s the big deal with stainless steel? First used for gun barrels and ships, it has now gained its way into millions of kitchens in the shape of modern appliances. Texas Metal Tech prefers to use this metal in door … Continue reading

    Top 3 Reasons Your Metal Fabrication Company Should Work Internationally

    If you’re working with a metal fabrication company that has never done any international business, contact them right now and call it quits! Well, we don’t really mean for you to leave your current company, but we do want to … Continue reading

    Texas Metal Tech Furthers Commitment To Safety

    Here at Texas Metal Tech we don’t cut corners when it comes to safety. We pride ourselves in knowing that safety puts us at the top of the list when choosing a CNC machining and metal fabrication company. We get … Continue reading

    Types of Metal Finishes

    When you’re looking into polishing any metal fixture or pipe, you also have a pretty good idea of what kind of finish you want. Texas Metal Tech breaks down the types of metal finishes we can provide with any stainless … Continue reading

    Laser Cutting vs. Water Jet Cutting

    On top of the many decisions you have to make during your next project is how you will choose to cut materials needed. Two popular methods include laser cutting and water jet cutting. While both have many pros and cons, … Continue reading

    Why You Need A Certified Mobile Welder

    One of the best ways to provide our clients the best metal services is by making their job as easy as possible. Mobile welding is just one of the ways that we do that, however there may be some hesitation … Continue reading

    Stainless Steel Door Frames

    On a project on the Anadarko expansion in the Woodlands, Texas Metal Tech provided stainless steel door frames and casings for the new 31-story Hackett Tower. Construction began in February 2012, and is slated for completion in early 2014. TMT’s … Continue reading

    Metal Handrails in Houston

    Texas Metal Tech has begun work on our new project– the Shell Woodcreek Campus expansion! TMT Manufactures Metal Handrails The Shell project involves an array of miscellaneous metal installations, all manufactured in Texas Metal Tech’s machine shop located in Houston, … Continue reading

    CNC Machining Houston

    All of your custom metal designs can be created at Texas Metal Tech’s CNC machining shop in Houston, TX. We have precision metal parts created by over 20 CNC lathes and mills, and half of these machines are dedicated to … Continue reading

    TMT Awarded Shell Contract

    Texas Metal Tech will begin work on the new Shell campus in the Woodcreek area, providing ornamental metalwork. Items constructed by Texas Metal Tech include: Stainless Steel Handrails Glass and Stainless Steel Railings Stainless Steel Card Readers Stainless Steel Trim … Continue reading

    TMT Awarded Exxon-Mobil Contract

    Exxon-Mobil and Texas Metal Tech Texas Metal Tech will be developing ornamental metal work in some of the buildings in the new Exxon-Mobil campus located in Spring, TX. Items constructed by Texas Metal Tech include: Stainless Steel Base Stainless Steel … Continue reading