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The machining here at Texas Metal Tech is not only superior, but is highly regulated for safety and control. We offer precision parts manufactured by CNC lathes and mills.

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A state of the art CNC machine at Texas Metal Tech hard at work, creating a custom piece for a client.

If you can dream it, Texas Metal Tech can make it

We provide certified CNC machining services for a variety of industries, including aerospace, electronics, and energy, to name a few. Texas Metal Tech has over 20 computer-numerical-controlled (CNC) lathes and turning centers. These are the fastest, most precise lathes available. Our machines are designed to provide the highest level of accuracy. If you can dream it, we can make it, and that’s our guarantee. We have the capacity to turn up to 32”.

Normally, up to 85% of all machining jobs require a mill instead of a lathe. Texas Metal Tech has the highest grade milling machines, and we are capable of 4th axis milling. We have over twenty of the finest, most precise milling machines, and our staff excels in utilizing them to their fullest potential. In TMT’s machining department we have 9 CNC mills and 8 CNC lathes, that are not only used for metals, but also for exotic metals and plastics.

Because of these computer operated machines, the work done in TMT’s factory is built on high-precision and quality, saving our clients money.

Texas Metal Tech’s Dock-to-Stock Capability

Over the years we have made numerous precision, CNC-created parts for companies like Schlumberger and Baker Hughes. Many of our clients have enjoyed our meticulousness for great work through our “dock to stock” program implementation. This means that TMT receives a blueprint for a metal creation, and provides the scanning equipment to produce quality parts in less turnaround time.

We constantly update our machines and technologies as the industry and our customers demand. No task is impossible for Texas Metal Tech. We have a reputation with some of the country’s biggest names in the oil and gas industry and aerospace companies. Check out our Project Gallery to see some of the creations we have produced for our clients and to get an idea of why industrial companies rely on us for their most complicated projects.

We can work with you to complete any project you have in mind. All you need is a draft; our drafters and machinists go to work immediately to bring your idea to completion. If you need to speak with us to discuss your project, or if you have an idea and aren’t sure if it can be done, simply contact us today at 281-893-0411 to learn more about how Texas Metal Tech can serve you.