CNC Machined Parts

Here at Texas Metal Tech, we’re not only interested in providing customers with large metal fabrication and installation projects but also in helping create low- to mid-volume quantities of custom machined parts with minimal turnaround time.

Texas metal tech machine parts

Samples of machined parts that Texas Metal Tech has created using a client’s initial drawings.

Our Credentials and Capabilities

Partnerships- We’ve worked with multiple industries including oil and gas, electronics, and aerospace, and we are continuing to grow that list everyday.

Machining- Because we’ve equipped our shop with the 20 best machining centers, we’ve been able to provide high accuracy topped with powerful performance to create precision parts. And the best part is we’re constantly updating the machines on our shop floor to produce only the highest quality of products for our clients.

Materials- We can handle a wide variety of materials, including exotic metals and plastics, so there isn’t any limitation of what type of part or replacement part we can provide.

Our Custom Machined Parts

custom machined bracket

We’ve been able to use a large number of our capabilities on a single part.

Because of our top of the line CNC machines, we can provide machined parts, turned parts, milled parts, polished parts, welded parts, and more in both small and large quantities. Our machines can turn up to 32” and we are capable of 4th axis milling.

The best way to figure out if we can turn your idea for a custom part into a reality? Send us a drawing or sketch! Our drafters immediately take your sketch and find the most efficient way to bring it to life without sacrificing quality. We strive for accuracy for each and every project we take on to make sure that the machined part we created performs exactly the way you want it to.

Have an idea for a custom part in mind? Not sure it can be done? Let us know! Call (281) 893-0411 to get a quote and start working on making that dream part a reality.