How To Take Charge of Your CNC Machining Project

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines are highly sophisticated tools. They have revolutionized efficiency and precision in manufacturing, especially when it comes to metal work. By using CNC software, it enables complete control of lathes, mills, and other tools to customize metal.

However, there are a few factors that could make an impact on your production and outcome when hiring a firm for custom metal fabrication with a CNC machine. These factors can affect your project’s safety, timeline, cost, and efficiency.

1) Outdated Program Code
Coding is the bedrock of CNC software so it’s essential to continue to evaluate and improve the coding of a project. Even if a program has worked in the past, it is important to continue to update it because as your materials and tools are used, they will adapt. As a part of any manufacturing process, a good metal manufacturing company will make sure these components are up to date.

2) Improper Usage
Manufacturing equipment can be overused or used incorrectly which can have a negative effect on a project. Improper usage can include wrong feed speed or lubrication issues, and the tools can become blunt and unusable which can warp, burn, or break materials in the process. A good shop runs machinery in the proper conditions, at the proper speed, and with the proper materials.

3) Lack of Maintenance
With any manufacturing equipment, maintenance is key for both production and upkeep. In order to ensure the equipment is run correctly, the crew working with the equipment must be properly trained and knowledgeable about the responsibilities for maintaining the components. Using an inadequate vacuum can cause the tool to react differently. The feed speed can cause equipment to dull down equipment and render them useless. Without sufficient lubrication, the components can be less agile and wear down tools.

You can ensure that your CNC machining project runs smoothly and efficiently at Texas Metal Tech. When dealing with CNC tools there is no mistake too small, especially when an error can result in financial loss, progress delay, or an injury.

If you have experienced issues in the past with your custom metal projects, please reach out to us at 281-893-0411 to see how we can help resolve some of your issues.