What Our Growing Business Means For Future Customers


The projected FMC Technologies, Inc. campus in Generation Park.

Texas Metal Tech is pleased to announce a few new partnerships we’ve obtained over the last few months, and some exciting news for our very own company.

FMC Technologies, Inc.- The new campus, that includes more than a million square feet, will be located in Generation Park. This innovative campus will inspire a collaborative work environment yet also provide employee amenities to roughly 1,800 employees.

phillips 66 houston headquarters design renditions

The projected Phillips 66 Headquarters in Houston’s Westchase District.

Phillips 66- The new multi-building Houston headquarters will be located in the Westchase District. The company wants to use the campus as a way to attract the industry’s best. Texas Metal Tech is proud to be fabricating and installing ornamental work on Phillips 66’s new endeavor.

Texas Metal Tech- We’re excited to announce that we are growing our facilities, staff and capabilities! TMT has acquired 6 acres for a brand new 32,000 square feet facility, and this is only the first phase of our expansion. Stay tuned for more updates!

What It Means For You

As we celebrate these new ventures, we also want to take notice of why all of this is important for TMT’s future clients:

  • As our portfolio grows, so do our capabilities. With the many clients we’ve worked for and the many clients we will work for in the future, our capabilities to provide better machining and installation services increases. Our portfolio not only increases in clients, it also increases in our abilities as a company.
  • We can work with a variety of companies- both big and small. Our larger clients don’t mean that we turn away smaller projects. We’ve worked for and will continue to work for the little guys and the big guys, and our customer service stays the same throughout.
  • Our larger space means we’re ready to take on more. The new facility in our near future means that we want to provide bigger, better and faster services for all of our clients. The expansion is not only to help appease our current workload, but is a way for us to plan for even more future business.

Interested in learning more about our growing capabilities? Contact us today at (281) 893-0411.