Top 3 Reasons Your Metal Fabrication Company Should Work Internationally

If you’re working with a metal fabrication company that has never done any international business, contact them right now and call it quits! Well, we don’t really mean for you to leave your current company, but we do want to highlight three reasons why you should do business with a custom metal fabricator and installer that has worked with companies overseas.

custom metal trees

Reason 1: They will do anything to ensure great customer service

A custom metal fabricator who travels across multiple continents to make sure that the job is done to their specifications is one that should stand out to you as a customer. Traveling for a project isn’t an easy task for a company that provides a service considering they may have to cater to multiple clients, but one that will go that extra step to make sure that your project is done the proper way is a keeper.

While in China, our Vice President assisted in the assembly and dis-assembly of architectural metal trees in order to properly ship and reassemble the parts of the trees. That amount of customer service and care is rarely found in this industry. Whether you’re wanting custom handrails or stainless steel door frames, don’t you want that kind of commitment to customer satisfaction in a company?

Reason 2: They ensure quality by overseeing production and assembly

Quality control is important in every industry, but it is even more important in metal fabrication- think structural metal elements and the repercussions of these not being installed or manufactured correctly. In our Texas Metal Tech’s CNC machining shop, we can oversee the production and assembly of all our products, but what happens when products aren’t made on site? Other companies may be able to trust easily when products are made outside of their shops, but not TMT. While in China, one of our field supervisors learned how to take apart custom fabricated architectural metal tree parts in order to properly ship them and learned how to reassemble the parts with the correct safety guidelines in place. That type of quality control in our projects is just one of the reasons that we can pride ourselves on being one of the best in the business, and why we have thoroughly enjoyed being able to work with companies in other parts of the world.

Reason 3: They make connections to better future projects

houston exxon campus metal trees

Companies who choose to work with companies in other countries are inadvertently broadening their network of connections. If your company isn’t sharing their knowledge or value around the world, and therefore gaining new knowledge and value from other companies, how can you know that they are providing the best work? While your current custom fabrication and installation company can be networking in the States, think how much more value will be brought to the table if your company extends beyond the U.S. When Texas Metal Tech decided the best way to make sure the metal trees were installed properly was to travel to China, we weren’t thinking about the connection we would make with not only the artist and architect of the metal trees or the fabrication company called to create them. But making connections is exactly what happened, and now we are better for it.

Have any questions about any international project we’ve done? Don’t hesitate to call our Houston office at (281) 893-0411.