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Precision Water Jet Cutting in Texas

Texas Metal Tech provides precision water jet cutting with quality and customer service in mind.  By utilizing water jet cutting, we can often cut down or eliminate your machining costs. Water jet cutting has amazing capabilities, and we encourage you to let us show you how our system works. For our clients in the aerospace industry, water jet cutting is an invaluable system, as it is able to cut more sensitive materials that cannot withstand high heat.

Water Jet Cutting at Texas Metal Tech

At Texas Metal Tech we utilize an industry standard Flow Abrasive Water Jet with dual heads for cleaner cuts, less waste, and greater material stability.  We are able to cut slabs or pieces of materials up to 12 feet long by 6 feet wide and up to 10 inches thick. Your repetitive parts will be stored in our computerized database for easy retrieval. If you require precise cuts for heat sensitive or more delicate material, we can get the job done better with water jet cutting.

Find out the difference between Water Jet Cutting and Laser Cutting

Why Water Jet Cutting?

When water is paired with an abrasive, a water jet becomes a powerful yet efficient way to cut metals, composite materials, plastics, and rocks.  Water Jet Cutters are used on heat sensitive materials that might warp or melt when cut with other devices.  However, with a high pressure pump, water jet cutting can easily cut through the strongest materials such as titanium.  Water jet cutting is ideal for cutting granite countertops and sinkholes as well as many other applications.  This is due to the extremely clean cuts which eliminate the protruding edges and leftover scraps that often result from using laser cutting machines.

A water jet in action

Our water jet cutter in action.

Laser cutting devices may sometimes produce excess waste, more material instability, and excessive heat.  Typically, they are only able to cut through up to 3 inches of material.  Since they produce more waste and scraps, they also waste more material and are not as environmentally safe.  Water Jet Cutting is usually the most cost-effective and beneficial option for our clients. Contact our office today at 281-893-0411 and we can help you decide which precision method is best for your particular application or project. Our company has the ability to work with and fabricate all types of metals and materials.